Free Download ZiggyTV Basic 4.3.0

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ZiggyTV Basic 4.3.0
Size 11.31 MB

Free Download ZiggyTV Basic 4.3.0 - ZiggyTV Basic 4.3.0 is tool that allows you to watch TV, play games, listen to radio online as well as download audio and video files. The software has a user-friendly interface that consists of the file menu and some tabs – Music, Video, My Files, Watch TV, Radio, Games and Chat. So, you can look for and download music (view a list of songs sorted by popularity, source, type, length), search the entire web for videos or download them from YouTube, select a TV channel to watch, listen to radio, play games and chat with other Ziggy TV Pro users.
ZiggyTV Basic 4.3.0 - Furthermore, you can convert videos to MP3 format, filter your searches according to genre, sub-genre, country and sorting order, share content on social networks, launch audio and video files in the default media player, and more. The interface can be changed depending on your preferences (e.g. hide certain tabs, change skin, maximize the viewing window), but you can also set the default folder for output files as well as set Ziggy TV Pro to automatically run at computer startup.
ZiggyTV Basic 4.3.0 - Some videos either don’t work or take a very long time to load. Plus, the clips downloaded from YouTube have a rather poor image and sound quality. To make things worse, the download speed is generally very low. The bottom line is that Ziggy TV Pro has the potential to become a great software, but it certainly needs a lot of work still.

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