Firefox Web Browser Version 19.0.1 Standalone Installer Download

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Firefox Web Browser Version 19.0.1 Standalone Installer Download - User friendly design and different experiment by using Mozilla Firefox web browser Offline / Standalone Installer free download for all Windows, especially for Windows 8.

Firefox web browser powered by Mozilla organization is definitely one of the most popular web browsers on this time. Its powerful user friendly interface and security give it a popularized in the world.

Firefox web browser provides its user an excellent browsing speed and very powerful customization tools with blocks pop-ups, viruses and spyware, Awesome Bar gives easy to use tabbed interface, it also gives its user an extraordinary power of customization through a well-developed add-on manager.

New in this version:
NEW: Built-in PDF viewer
CHANGED: Canvas elements can export their content as an image blob using canvas.toBlob()

CHANGED: Startup performance improvements (bugs 715402 and 756313)

DEVELOPER: Debugger now supports pausing on exceptions and hiding non-enumerable properties
DEVELOPER: Remote Web Console is available for connecting to Firefox on Android or Firefox OS (experimental, set devtools.debugger.remote-enabled to true)
DEVELOPER: There is now a Browser Debugger available for add-on and browser developers (experimental, set to true)
DEVELOPER: Web Console CSS links now open in the Style Editor
HTML5: CSS @page is now supported
HTML5: CSS viewport-percentage length units implemented (vh, vw, vmin and vmax)
HTML5: CSS text-transform now supports full-width

FIXED: Windows 8 only: Fixed stability issue for some AMD Radeon HD graphics cards (in 19.0.1 Version)
FIXED: Certain valid WebGL drawing operations are incorrectly rejected, leaving incomplete rendering in affected pages (825205)
FIXED: Starting Firefox with -private flag incorrectly claims you are not in Private Browsing mode (802274)
FIXED: Plugins stop rendering when the top half of the plugin is scrolled off the top of the page, in HiDPI mode (825734)

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