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Nimbuzz is one of the most popular, and the most reliable instant multi messenger (IM) client software for Mobile Phones, Windows, and MAC.

Nimbuzz is a IM that have a real chat, in real time, for free! It also most populer for most of Nimbuzz mobile phone to Nimbuzz mobile phone free calling!

Nimbuzz give you a wonder future like call, chat, message, and swap files from anywhere in the world with combines most of your buddies from Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk my Space and more onto a single login, and all your friends shown under a single contact list. Moreover, you can save all your contacts in the nimbuzz phonebook.

Its Best Features:

# Calling
You can use Nimbuzz to call anyone for free of cost, provided they also have Nimbuzz app. You can make use of Nimbuzz Out to call other people who don’t have Nimbuzz app, for a very low cost. This app helps you to make calls via mobile internet connection and so you need to have an unlimited / flat rate data plan or a Wi-Fi connection to make full use of this app. 

# Messaging
Nimbuzz also provides you with other options such as free messaging, music, photo and video sharing between your other Nimbuzz friends thereby allowing you to save money. You can also use the group chat option to chat with all your friends on one page. You can get to see who is online now and what they are doing at the moment. You can connect with new friends and chat with them and even meet them in person through the location sharing option. 

# Connecting
This app helps you to communicate and connect easily to other people. Through N-World you can customize your profile, download up-to-the-minute content and challenge your friends to games. You can also import friends from famous social networking sites and instant messaging such as Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, Hyves, MySpace and SIP/VoIP accounts. 

# Login problems and solutions
There were lots of queries made on the subject of connectivity issues on mobile devices such as “Trying to Connect”, “Login Failed”, “Unable to connect Nimbuzz” and lots others, mostly by Indian customers. Symbian phones like Nokia C3, C6, E5 and others and Java phones like Samsung Star, Micromax Q3 and others were facing this particular HTTP connectivity problem. 

To solve this issue, Nimbuzz added WAP access points and other limited access points support in the initial stage. They requested their customers who were facing such troubles to redownload Nimbuzz and log on to Nimbuzz via their respective WAP gateway. After a period of time, they created a new version of Nimbuzz for Java and Symbian separately.

Nimbuzz Have a Various Download Platform:
Nimbuzz For Desktop
Download nimbuzz for windows pc (windows XP, Vista and 7)
Download nimbuzz Mac OS.

Nimbuzz For Android Phone.

Nimbuzz For iPhone.

Nimbuzz is said that it support more than 3,000 mobile phones. You can use this link to check your mobile phone is compatible with Nimbuzz. Scroll down to find a box that helps you to check the compatibility. 

You can also use this link to get the link to download Nimbuzz on any mobile platform. You just need to enter your country, mobile number and type the characters to prove that you are human. You can then click on “Get Nimbuzz” button to get the messenger downloaded to your mobile phone. You will receive a SMS along with the download details. Once you receive the SMS, you can use the link provided in it to download the messenger, or point your mobile browser to this link.

Nimbuzz For Webchat 
You can easily chat and send files to your friends on any computer, internet cafe using the Nimbuzz Webchat link. You can use any internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer to log in to your Nimbuzz account. You don’t have to download any software to use the Webchat option.

Nimbuzz For Tablet
Download Nimbuzz for Windows Tablets, Android Tablets and Apple iPad.

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