How To Close A Running Program Application In Windows 8

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It Is A Common Question For New Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop or Not Touch Screen Laptop / Notbook User That, "How To Close A Running Program Or Application In Windows 8?"!!!!!

If you are use windows 8 in "Desktop Mode" then just old idea or nothing to ask a question. But if you use windows 8 "Modern Mode" then just some method to close Apps in windows 8.

Old Method:

Alt-F4 method is older windows versions method, but it work.

You also remember that Alt+F4 option may not reliably work to close windows metro applications in Windows 8.

Killer Method:

This is another old method to close program in windows using Alt+Ctrl+Delete key. But this method is not exactly close a program, because this method kill a program. But this can be used as alternative option.

Drag Method Like Touch Screen:
This is new and modern method for new windows 8 user. You may have not a touch screen, but in windows 8 your mouse work like a touch screen.
Take your mouse point on the top of the screen on window (Here you see the top of the screen that, the cursor icon is changing) and drag it all the down way. Your Windows 8 Apps close!!!!!!!

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