Download Gratis ADDICTIVE DRUM VSTI Tanpa Pasword

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Download Gratis ADDICTIVE DRUM VSTI Tanpa Pasword - Bagi sobat yang sedang mencari Link Download Gratis ADDICTIVE DRUM VSTI Tanpa Pasword dibawah ini sudah saya siapkan untuk sobat sedot langsung, selamat menyedot ria,..wkwkwk

XLN Audio Addictive Drums v1.0.0

AD is a multi-out plugin; every channel in the AD mixer can be routed to a separate output if required.

Sampler; For each Kit piece:

* Solo/Mute
* Main Level
* Overhead Level + Pan/Width
* Room Level + Pan/Width
* "Single Sample" mode
* Main Pitch + OH/Room Pitch Offset
* Pitch Envelope (w velocity mod)
* Amp Envelope
* HiPass/LoPass Filter

Effects; For each channel:

* Compressor
* Dist (4 algos, selectable bandwidth)
* EQ (3 band)
* Saturating Limiter

Master and Bus channels additionally include:

* Tape Saturation
* HiPass/LoPass Filter

Reverbs include:

* 4 algorithms (Ambience, Room, Hall, Plate)
* Decay Time, Predelay, Damping
* 2 band EQ
* Pan/Width control


* Over 100 presets are included, ranging from pure acoustic pop, to Metal, Funk and distorted electronica mayhem.
* Preset categories include: Clean, Distorted, Electronica, LoFi, PopRock (Big), PopRock (Medium), PopRock (Dry), Retro, Rock, Soft, Xperimental.

MIDI Library:

* More than 3000 beats and fills in various styles such as Pop/Rock, Metal, Funk, Jazz etc are included.
* There are basic Kick+Snare beats with variations on each like "8th Hihat" "w Ghostnotes" "4th Ride" etc.
* There are also "Songs" which contain 4 bar Verse/Bridge/Chorus/Middle8 variations.
* And lots more.


LINK SANGAT BISA DI DOWNLOAD..........dengan BEKAL " SABAR GAN ...." :P Audio Addictive Drums.part01.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part02.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part03.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part04.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part05.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part06.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part07.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part08.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part09.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part10.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part11.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part12.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part13.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part14.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part15.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part16.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part17.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part18.rar.html Audio Addictive Drums.part19.rar.html

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