Latest Download Keylogger Plus Serial

Posted by A'eddo Suseno Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011 2 komentar
This latest version of the keylogger used to record or to spy on all activities that occur under your computer to steal data including user name and password. After you install this software on the target computer, you can arrange to have the data sent to your email.

Keylogger software can be a tool of supervision and control can also work as employees for monitoring personal computers. One of the positive benefits can be used as a tool of "parental control" for parents to supervise the activities of computing and surfing the child.

But this seems more likely to be used for negative things such as stealing passwords email or facebook or even steal login to e-banking. Few tips for those of you who use other people's computers / internet cafe, press (Ctrl) (Alt) (Shift) (Z) simultaneously, if the password window pops up on the bottom right corner, it means the computer software installed this keylogger Ecodsoft
Latest Download Keylogger Plus Serial

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AppStudioz mengatakan...

Is it free version with full features?

keylogger mengatakan...

keylogger is one sided good software too. as it used by the parents to keep eye on their children.

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